Going the Distance

I remember clearly the event that sparked the passion I have for Long Range Precision Shooting. It was 1995 and I was a young avid outdoorsman living in Flagstaff, Arizona. I was only 23 and single at the time so living in a place like Flag was paradise. My weekends were filled with hunting, fishing and doing anything outdoors. Continue reading

Thinking About a CCW?

It’s a cool desert morning, the wind blowing sand against my face as the sun just begins to crest over the mountains, my sweater just barely doing an adequate job.  Hey, I’m an Arizona boy, this is pretty much the bulk of my winter wear.  At least I traded my flip flops for shoes today.  Our group has met southwest of Phoenix with Hollow-Point Defense’s John Hansen for an Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit class.  This class is small, just 3 students, but that helps ease tension.  Hansen helps us fill out our paperwork and take fingerprints before we get started.  As soon as the sun shows itself, it’s time to begin. Continue reading

Handgun for Home Defense?

So when you ask the average person what is their choice for a home defense firearm, I would bet that the pump shotgun tops the list. Many of these respondents typically will justify their answer with, “just hearing the rack of that shotgun will discourage any bad guy”. I’m not here to debate that the shotgun doesn’t have an authoritative sound, but seriously if all you wanted was a sound then get a recording of that sound. For those of you that have chosen the venerable shotgun or maybe a long gun consider the handgun as a go to for home defense. After all, what do we carry when we are out in the public? I know literally hundreds of people that carry concealed (a few carry openly) and that firearm is a handgun.

So let’s suppose this scenario; an unfamiliar noise happens at 2;00 a.m. You want to go investigate it so you grab your long gun (rifle or shotgun) and make your way to the disturbance. Hopefully you have a flashlight (you need to be able to identify your threat/target) and possibly a cell phone (have you ever tried to make a phone call with a shotgun in one hand?). If you’re like me, I don’t tend to sleep in cargo pants so pockets are going to be very limited on our sleepwear. This can be further impacted if you need to open a door while carrying a shotgun. I will continue with this complication by asking you to think about pieing a corner (tactically turning a corner while keeping your body exposure to a minimum) with a long gun. You really don’t want a bad guy grabbing your gun as you turn the corner. Now consider this same scenario with a handgun that has a light mounted on it. Much easier to maneuver through a confined hallway, open doors, keep control of the firearm and to make a phone call if I need to.

Lastly, I own a shotgun that has a 5 round tube magazine plus one in the chamber for a total of six rounds. In my Glock 22 I have an extended magazine with a total of 32 rounds of ammunition. This nears the firepower of a sub-machine (just not full auto) gun.

I’m not saying that shotguns or rifles are a poor choice, rather think of the amount of additional training you need to do to clear your home or business with a long gun.

home defense gun

So You have Decided to Carry a Firearm, Now What?

concealed carrySo you have made the decision to carry a firearm. Now what do you do? This is not going to be a pro/con over concealed carry versus open carry, rather some information to consider. So if you live in a state that allows the carrying of a firearm it is going to be imperative that you understand fully the law on when and where it is lawful to do so. For example, in my home state of Arizona, that affords very generous carry freedoms, it also takes a very dim look if you do it unlawfully and will not hesitate to prosecute you. Second, train with your gun. Start with the type of holster or carry option. I prefer a strong side outside the waistband holster that keeps the handgun close to my body so that concealment with a shirt is easily done. I can also wear this with shorts or dress slacks.

Now back to the training with your firearm. This issue goes well beyond just shooting at stationary targets at the range. Consider “real world” issues. Suppose you are out and the unthinkable occurs in front of you. Your ability to react quickly and within the boundaries of the law are paramount. The scenarios are plentiful, but remember your actions will be judged by those with the luxury of time and safety rather than in the rapidly unfolding situation in which you were faced.

What I have done is compile for you a short list of training considerations. They are:

1. Know the laws that pertain to the carry of a firearm and the lawful use/deployment of it.

2. Be familiar with your firearm. Don’t carry a gun you have not trained with. Know how to manipulate safeties, clear malfunctions and reload especially under stress.

3. Practice drawing from your carry platform (holster, purse, backpack, etc.) This includes using your weak hand (in case your strong hand is injured or occupied).

4. Train shooting at close distances, typically shootings occur less than 20-25 feet.

5. Practice tasks like bending, lifting, getting behind cover/concealment with your firearm.

6. Carry ONLY quality performance ammo in your carry gun.

Remember train like your life and freedom depends on it.

Got Glock Parts?

GlockpartsviewGreetings all you Glock fans. Now that the winter thaw, for many of you, is underway its time to get out and take your favorite Glock out to the range. If its been a while since you have done a full inspection, or you just want to make certain that you handgun will perform at its optimum level it may be time to replace worn or damaged parts. At AZfirearms.com we stock and sell the full line of factory Glock parts to include standard and night sights for all models, yes even the 43. I know that there are at lot of aftermarket parts made for the Glock, and I’m not saying they don’t work, but )and this is a big BUT) Glock firearms are engineered to perform best with standard factory parts and that is why we recommend using them.  If you are in Arizona and you want to stop by we can have our certified Glock armoers install them for you.

Keep shooting!

The Ruger American Pistol

ruger-americanJust when you thought there were more than enough good quality polymer frame semi auto pistols out there Ruger unveils its new American Pistol. Now this is not just an upgrade to their SR series pistols, this is Ruger’s entry into the Military’s new pistol selection.

So you’re probably thinking (like I was) how is Ruger going to compete with the service pistols Like Beretta, Glock and Sig Sauer which all have long military and law enforcement duty records. Well in looking at the data on the American it appears as if the focus was on the clean and crisp trigger pull that breaks right at 6 lbs. The pull is then followed up by a short take-up that has a positive reset. In holding the pistol I find it to be very comfortable with a low barrel axis allowing for a high secure grip. This trigger does have a noticeably felt reset.

The features on the American are all top notch. The inclusion of Novak low profile sights, the pistols slide lock and magazine release ambidextrous for the lefty or when having to shoot with the off hand. The three differently sized back-strap attachments that are wrap around style it can give just about any sized hand a comfortable grip. The .45 model only has two sizes. By the way, Ruger has made it abundantly clear that the pistol disassembles without having to pull the trigger.

The American currently comes in 9MM for 17+1 round capacity and the .45ACP has 10+1 rounds. Overall this is a very well thought out pistol. The American is available now and I see that the MSRP is $579.00, well at AZFirearms.com we have it for $480.00. Come by and see this new pistol.. We have them in 9MM and .45ACP.

Maintain Your Firearms for Best Results

Cleaning-pistolWe are well into summer and most of you hunters are getting your rifle or handgun out and ready for the coming hunting season. If you properly stored your gun it should take more than a wipe down and a patch down the barrel to get it into ship shape. But then there are those that maybe stored a dirty rifle or handgun and worse yet left it in a holster or case. The result of this is usually immediately apparent especially those of you that live in areas that have high humidity. Rust pitting can ruin the finish, rifling in the barrel and the action. Now this doesn’t mean all is lost.

Minor rust and even some pitting can be removed when using a quality gun oil. In these instances avoid the temptation to use solvents not intended for use on firearm finishes such as WD40. A thorough cleaning followed by applying a coat of lubrication can work wonders. I recommend using a CLP or cleaner, lubricant and protector. There are many out there and they are readily available.

Cleaning your gun is not difficult and sometimes can take on the tediousness of sorting socks. But if you follow these few steps your firearm will work well for you for years to come. First, practice gun safety rules. All guns are always loaded! Make certain your gun is not loaded. Second, most firearms require field stripping or minor disassembling to properly clean and lube. If you go too far you might be one of those folks that bring your “bag o parts” to our gunsmith to have your gun put back together. If you are not sure how to do this try accessing the manufacturer’s website for a manual or instructional video. There are many good ones on Youtube  if you get stuck.

Clean and inspect all parts, make certain your barrel is free from any obstructions, apply coating of CLP especially if you see where metal against metal rubbing is occurring. Lube makes everything better, but not too much. While going overboard on the lube won’t necessarily hurt your gun it acts as a magnet for dirt and grit. When storing your firearm, clean it first then apply a light coat of oil with a soft cloth. Do not store in a case or holster. Use humidifiers if needed.

We might think that these simple rules are a no-brainer, but when guns come to us for repair the most common cause is the lack of maintenance and cleaning. Follow these steps and have a worry free trip to the range or the field.

Don’t Forget About Dad!

fathers day2015Well it’s June and the kids are out of school for the Summer, vacations and fun. But wait! it’s also time to remember dad on his special day. Now that you’ve been reminded the hard part will be what to get for the big guy. Now we have all gotten dad that crazy gift like a bright tie or comfy pair of slippers, but what would really make Father’s Day stand out for him? If your dad is a shooter, hunter or plinker then let me make some suggestions (hopefully my kids will be reading this blog).

Make AZFirearms.com your one stop shop for dad this year. We have everything he’s always wanted or that may be on his wish list. Some of my favorites include, but certainly not limited to are; firearms, then we have ammunition to feed those guns. Does he need something to shoot at? We have a well supplied stock of targets and range safety gear (don’t want dad to lose his hearing), finally ball caps or t-shirts to keep dad stylish.

If you are not sure what exactly dad would like then get him the ever popular gift card. To make it easier this Friday, June 19th only we are offering a 10% discount for all AZFirearms gift cards. So this year show dad your appreciation for all he’s does.

The 5 Best Guns For Home Defense

Our “Top 5 List of Home Defense Guns”.

Img Src: http://files.harrispublications.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2012/02/home-defense.jpg

Img Src: http://files.harrispublications.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2012/02/home-defense.jpg

FIRST: Do everything you can to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Check out Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV) locally taught in AZ by Instructors certified via Certified Training & Instruction, LLC. Classes and seminars are available nationwide.

NEXT: KNOW WHERE YOUR PROJECTILE WILL GO WHEN YOU FIRE A GUN – you can inadvertently injure the very people you are trying to protect by using ammo that travels through (considerations are body mass / sheetrock / caliber).
– Ball ammo vs expanding or frangible
– Shotgun pellets vs birdshot

IMPORTANT: Practice & train – you will not “rise to the occasion”…you will “fall back on your level of training”.

NOW: Top 5 picks… Read More… Continue reading

AZFirearms to Sponsor a Weekly Segment of The Get Outdoors Show with Mike Russell on Talk Radio

We have some EXCITING NEWS!

Mike Russell, the host of the Get Outdoors Show on KTAR Radio 92.3PM in Phoenix, has invited AZFirearms to have a regular sponsored segment on his show, that began on April 11, 2015!

Go Show

The Get Outdoors Show just celebrated it’s 1 Year Anniversary, and in that brief time Mike has already expanded the length of the show from one hour to TWO! The show airs on 92.3 FM every Saturday from 12:noon – 2:pm. “Get Outdoors with Mike Russell” is Arizona’s ONLY outdoor show on the FM dial. A show dedicated to hunting, fishing, camping, family fun and conservation. Read More… Continue reading