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Get Some Training with that New Gun

gun trainingSo you finally purchased a firearm. Now comes the enjoyment of using that gun. You hear lots of stories of people buying a firearm then putting it away only to look at it occassionally when they come across it. Firearms are meant to be used. Shooting sports, hunting and personal defense all take practice and skill. These skills take time to acquire and they are unfortunately a skill that can diminish over time if not used. The first place to start is by finding out where to get some training to obtain these proficiencies? Most of us have a knowledgeable friend we can use to get pointers, or who can show us basic safe handling practices, but I am talking about seeking out a qualified instructor to teach us correctly from the first time we handle a gun.

I think one of the most intimidating scenarios is that we tend not to want to look like a novice in front of others. Still others may be uncertain about actually shooting a firearm. We may not understand recoil, or will it be painful to shoot. This is why I encourage anyone new to shooting to take the initiative and sign up for a class. Many training groups offer basic courses as well as women only sessions. One of the most important aspects of many good firearms courses include the legal aspects of shooting, whether it be where to shoot, or the use of force to protect oneself.  Check your local ranges and web sites for a firearms trainer near you. Go out and go shooting, it’s a great sport and fun for everyone.

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Is Our Ammunition Being Bought Up By Homeland Security?

ammoI am certain that all of you, me included have experienced the shortage of ammo and if we are able to find it we need a loan to acquire it. Additionally, we have all heard the stories of where it is going, from hoarders and opportunists to the government, specifically the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who has put out for open bid the acquisition of 1.6 billion rounds. This issue has raised so much debate and concern that even some of our elected officials are asking questions.

Well here at we are asked by our customers on a regular basis about what is fact and what is the rumor mill. Hopefully this blog can shed some light and this and from the horse’s mouth, ATK Sporting Group (ATK is Federal, CCI and Speer) on the current situation. In their memo to customers dated 04/11/13, they address this issue and dispell the misinformation that DHS is gobbling up all the ammo that would be going to civilian shooters. ATK explains that DHS makes up only a small part of their production with the majority of their ammunition going to the commercial market. They add that they are in round the clock production to meet the increased demand.

So where is the ammo? I suspect there are probably a number of factors affecting the current availability. I believe that due to the recent record numbers in sales of firearms combined with hoarders and those who have a general distrust in our federal elected officials, and of course opportunists trying to take advantage of the situation all have impacted the ammo supply.

Whom do we believe? Well for me I am choosing to look to the manufacturers themselves. I know that may not be the popular approach, but who has the most knowledge on the subject. My recommendations.  This is probably not the time to stockpile now but buy a box or two and go have fun shooting, things will get better.

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The Single Action Revolver

P1850[1]A lot of Americans are on the hunt for those semi-auto pistols and rifles that can handle high capacity magazines. We have seen a marked increase in cost,  as if double or triple the price isn’t noticed. When you do find the products you can expect to pay a whole lot for them too. With the panic buying the way it is and no way to tell when it will end have you ever considered the old reliable single action revolver? They are still made and are some of the more collectible firearms today.These guns are proven as hunting, self defense and target shooting firearms. The best part…they don’t need a magazine!

The Colt Single Action Army (SAA) is still made today and comes in a wide range of calibers from .357 magnum to .45 Long Colt. This gun dates back to 1873 and has been carried by infamous outlaws, lawmen and soldiers, most notibly by General George S. Patton. At we have in stock several with the blued barrell and the handsome case hardened frame. We have other SAA clones like Ruger and Uberti on hand as well.

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