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The 5 Best Guns For Home Defense

Our “Top 5 List of Home Defense Guns”.

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FIRST: Do everything you can to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Check out Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV) locally taught in AZ by Instructors certified via Certified Training & Instruction, LLC. Classes and seminars are available nationwide.

NEXT: KNOW WHERE YOUR PROJECTILE WILL GO WHEN YOU FIRE A GUN – you can inadvertently injure the very people you are trying to protect by using ammo that travels through (considerations are body mass / sheetrock / caliber).
- Ball ammo vs expanding or frangible
- Shotgun pellets vs birdshot

IMPORTANT: Practice & train – you will not “rise to the occasion”…you will “fall back on your level of training”.

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AZFirearms to Sponsor a Weekly Segment of The Get Outdoors Show with Mike Russell on Talk Radio

We have some EXCITING NEWS!

Mike Russell, the host of the Get Outdoors Show on KTAR Radio 92.3PM in Phoenix, has invited AZFirearms to have a regular sponsored segment on his show, that began on April 11, 2015!

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The Get Outdoors Show just celebrated it’s 1 Year Anniversary, and in that brief time Mike has already expanded the length of the show from one hour to TWO! The show airs on 92.3 FM every Saturday from 12:noon – 2:pm. “Get Outdoors with Mike Russell” is Arizona’s ONLY outdoor show on the FM dial. A show dedicated to hunting, fishing, camping, family fun and conservation. Read More… Continue reading