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Gift Cards, Making Christmas Easier

giftcardI know Christmas got here a whole lot sooner than we expected. Now you have to be creative and thoughtful in your gift buying. So what do you get for those special people in your life? Socks and underwear always make an easy buy, but is that what we want to be known as, that lame present buyer? Buying the wrong gift, maybe the wrong size is bound to happen especially if you don’t necessarily like to shop. I recently received a gift of some nice Winchester PDX ammunition that was the wrong caliber for any guns I own. I graciously accepted it, but couldn’t wait to return it.

This year get them something that they can enjoy more than just opening a present. Try purchasing a gift card. This allows your special someone to select their own gift, after-all I have never hated a gift I picked out for myself. At AZFirearms we have gift cards available and they can be bought in any dollar amount. Not only does this make it easier on you, but if you’ve been good maybe you will get your own AZFirearms gift card! Merry Christmas.

The Improved Ruger LC9s

We all know that Ruger makes some fine and innovative firearms, but have you seen the new striker fired LC9s? The LC9 is a great lightweight compact concealed carry sized 9mm that has a trigger that many liken to shooting a double action revolver. One draw back to this handgun is that for larger handed shooters (like yours truly) this requires an adjustment of the firing grip for subsequent shots. Well Ruger listened and recently came out with a striker fired system they named the LC9s. This newly improved trigger is shorter, lighter and breaks crisper than than the LC9. This translates to faster shooting and better accuracy. This is the type of improvement that puts this pistol at the top of the list for personal protectionRugerLC9sCheck out this pistol in our Avondale (AZ) store or online at Don’t find it in our inventory? Just click the red box to “special order” it on our homepage. Well done Ruger!

Women Only CCW

Greetings ladies. I am certain that there are many of you out there that are wanting to get your concealed weapons permits, but you just don’t want to be around all of those experienced shooters, especially those men. I am really happy that trainers out there are taking notice and offering courses and training for ladies only. The facts are that women are obtaining carry and concealed permits in ever increasing numbers and this necessitates more and diverse training opportunities. I have mentioned before that training is a must if one wants to be a responsible gun owner. In looking at the internet for ladies only firearms training I found numerous courses directed to the female shooter and not just basic there are intermediate and advanced courses listed too. Just about every state was represented so finding something in your area looks promising.

If you live in the Phoenix Metro area there is a fantastic course for concealed carry permits on August 30th. The course is taught by Arizona Weaponcraft Solutions and will be held at the Joe Foss Shooting Complex in Buckeye, Arizona. The cost is $50 and has very limited seating. You can register online at  So get motivated and get some training. The benefits and confidence are well worth the costs.



FMJv.JHPAt AZFirearms we get a lot of customers wanting to buy ammunition. We have some customers who know the exact grain and type of bullet they want, often based on what they plan to use the ammunition on. Then we have the folks that just want to go out and shoot and are maybe not aware of the many types of ammo that are available in specific calibers. Now I’m not here to tell anyone what caliber they should be shooting, rather I’m here to help them select the rounds that will be most appropriate for their desired use.

Usually we start with, “Are you wanting target ammo or self defense ammo?” Then we go onto showing the differences of the bullet. So based on their response we can direct them to the right stuff. When looking for ammo I recommend that for target shooting the full metal jacket or FMJ. It feeds well and will do what you need it to do. For defensive rounds I prefer a hollow point bullet.

Now the question becomes, why hollow point? Well it’s actually a simple response and that modern ammunition technology has led to the development of ammunition that performs well in those situations when someone may find him or her self in a deadly force scenario. When I refer to “performs well” we need to first look at the FMJ. Yes, this ammunition can be used for self defense and it is absolutely deadly. It is and has been used by our military and other NATO countries for decades. But when considering how the FMJ performs in a soft target it has a tendency to over penetrate and not expand due to it’s shape and construction. This is not a good thing when that round has the potential to exit your intended target and hit something or someone else.

Consider now the hollow point bullet. Not that this is an easy explanation simply due to the vast amount of options out there, but if I may I would like to recommend some of my favorite ammo. These are what I would consider the high performance level of ammunition. They are the Hornady’s Critical Duty, COR-BON, Federal Hydro-shock, Remington Golden Sabre, and RBCD. These specific defensive have met or exceeded the testing done annually by the FBI for ballistic performance. This ammo typically costs more and comes in smaller quantity boxes, usually 20 to 25 rounds per box. I believe that carrying ammo that isn’t going to over penetrate and will perform optimally then it’s well worth the cost.

If you have questions regarding ammunition, especially hollow point or defense there is a great deal of information out there. I do recommend that you look at objective sites such as the FBI’s. I would start by talking to your local firearms professionals and maybe even testing a few out. Feel free to come by our Avondale (AZ) store or call us at


giftcardHey all let’s not forget to get that important guy, Dad, on Father’s Day. After all those years of funny ties, ill fitting clothes and gifts we made he deserves something special. Why not give him the gift that he will absolutely love, a gift card from After all a gift card doesn’t mean it’s not personal, rather we all know that the best gifts are the ones that we pick out ourselves. So let Dad pick out his favorite firearms, ammunition, ball cap, t-shirt and other firearm accessories. Best of all he can do it at his convenience. Come by our store in Avondale (AZ) and pick one up today, or go online at

Gift cards are a great way to say thanks for all Dad has done. Have a safe and happy Father’s Day and way to go all you Dads.


The amazingly popular show Duck Dynasty has partnered with Mossberg Firearms to create the Duck Commander line of rifles and shotguns. These quality guns have a distinctive camo pattern and are ready just in time for the coming hunting season. Included with the firearm is the highly recognizable stars and stripes bandanna worn by Willie (sorry beard not included).

The line of firearms includes most of the line of shotguns offered by Mossberg from the standard model 500 to the 930. There are some .22 LR rifles in the popular Plinkster semi auto rifle and the AR model 715T as well as a pistol version known as the 714T. What I like about this model is that it was designed to take care of the rodents that like to occupy your duck blind. All of the firearms are prominently marked with the Duck Commander log and are coated with the Realtree Max-5 camo pattern. These are not just a passing fad. Camo on hunting guns has been around for a long time and so has Mossberg. These are the real deal, so If you’re in the market to update that old long gun of yours and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, then check out the latest in stock versions at our store in Avondale (AZ), or simply go to and type in “Duck Commander” in the search box. Happy hunting!



tagualeatherTagua Leather holsters may not be a household word yet, but if you haven’t seen their holsters and leather accessories then you are in for a very pleasant surprise. I first saw these fine leather holsters at  gun show about 2 years ago. I picked one up for my Glock 19, largely because of the price, which was right at $38. The quality was good with the stitching and the holster was formed to the gun perfectly. I had owned leather holsters previously, but had gone the way of Kydex holsters. In going back to leather I immediately noticed that they were much quieter when holstering and drawing the handgun. Additionally they hold the gun close to the body so concealed carry can easily be accomplished with the same rig.

At the Shot Show we looked for a vendor that could give us a solid product at a great value. We found that with the Tagua line of holsters and mag pouches.

At we have several styles and configurations of these quality leather items. They are available in open top style, retention strap, inside the waistband(IWB), and magazine pouches in both brown and black. They are available for all popular makes and models of handguns. Stop by our store in Avondale (AZ) or shop us online. 


sidewinder-kit-3Another awesome discovery from the 2014 Shot Show was the Adaptive Tactical booth displaying upgrades for the Mossberg 500/590 and Maverick 88 Shotguns. The product is called the Sidewinder/Venom like the photo shows includes an M4 style stock and pistol grip, a forend and 10 round drum magazine. These are not cheap plastic either. They are made of high quality material and 100% US made. What immediately struck me on this product was the fact that it feeds from either a 10 round drum or a 5 round box magazine. What this means is that for those of you that have a shotgun for your home defense firearm is that the shotgun can be stored empty and very quickly loaded when needed, rather than keeping actual rounds in the mag tube.

The Sidewinder/Venom comes in tactical black, or your choice of several camo colors. These upgrades are currently in stock at AZFirearms, at our store in Avondale (AZ) or online at See the full selection at The kit can easily be installed without the need for a gunsmith. The functionality and advantage this gives to that old Mossberg will make it feel brand new and modern along with an increase in firepower.

I know all of you Remington 870 owners are asking, what about our upgrades, well the simple answer is that to do the conversion the magazine tube needs to be replaced. Since the 870 tube  is pressed in this particular package will only work on the Mossberg platform as they unscrews.

Time for Your Glock Pistol Overhaul?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor those of Glock enthusiasts we at AZFirearms have a relatively new service that can keep your Glock running all day, every day. We in the Glock culture know that these pistols can take a beating and perform without a hitch. However, even the most robust of firearm systems needs periodic checks and maintenance beyond a field strip and cleaning.

Our Glock Armorer Service is conducted by our own Glock certified armorer. We made the process easy as well. Just call us at (623)925-2345 to schedule an appointment, or just come by our store in Avondale (AZ) and drop it off during normal business hours M-F 10 am to 6 PM and Saturday noon to 5pm. The service cost won’t break the bank either. For $45 you’ll get a complete dis-assembly, cleaning  and inspection of all parts and replaced as necessary (if parts need replacing there will be a charge for them and all worn/damaged parts will be returned), Reassembly and function testing. An inspection report is also provided for you when you pick up your handgun. Did I mention that if you purchased your Glock from us the charge is only $25!

So keep that Glock running strong for years to come. When in doubt have it checked out.



The Iconic 1911 Pistol

M1911_pistolRecently I had the great fortune to attend the 2014 Shot Show. While I must say that the over stimulation to seeing such a great deal of what the firearms industry has for the future the one gun I found over and over was the 1911 pistol. This famous handgun just celebrated its 100th anniversary and it is still an icon today. This was evidenced by the vast number of companies that manufacture it.

The ability to see and handle some of these pistols offered me a great insight to this weapon system. In the past I had built a gun to fit my wants on a Colt 1991A1 base gun. What used to be considered as “custom” add-ons like match grade barrels, beavertail grip safety, combat sights, commander style hammer, or an adjustable trigger are now seemingly standard. Sure you can still get the mil-spec guns, but if you have designs on adding these items consider getting them outfitted from the factory.

Gun finishes and grip panels are again offered in more options than I could ever mention. The only other weapon system that I can think of that offers more options for personalization is the AR-15.

If you are thinking about getting into 1911 shooting then there are options for you. Buy one that works for you in both feel and price. Purchasing a 1911 that shoots a 1″ group may not be what you need and most certainly will cost you in the 4 figures.  I recommend going to your local gunshop to ask questions and grip several of them. At AZFirearms we have in stock a wide array of 1911′s such as Colt, Sig Sauer, Remington, Kimber, and Taurus. You can view these online at or stop by our store in Avondale (AZ).