Get Some Training with that New Gun

gun trainingSo you finally purchased a firearm. Now comes the enjoyment of using that gun. You hear lots of stories of people buying a firearm then putting it away only to look at it occassionally when they come across it. Firearms are meant to be used. Shooting sports, hunting and personal defense all take practice and skill. These skills take time to acquire and they are unfortunately a skill that can diminish over time if not used. The first place to start is by finding out where to get some training to obtain these proficiencies? Most of us have a knowledgeable friend we can use to get pointers, or who can show us basic safe handling practices, but I am talking about seeking out a qualified instructor to teach us correctly from the first time we handle a gun.

I think one of the most intimidating scenarios is that we tend not to want to look like a novice in front of others. Still others may be uncertain about actually shooting a firearm. We may not understand recoil, or will it be painful to shoot. This is why I encourage anyone new to shooting to take the initiative and sign up for a class. Many training groups offer basic courses as well as women only sessions. One of the most important aspects of many good firearms courses include the legal aspects of shooting, whether it be where to shoot, or the use of force to protect oneself. ¬†Check your local ranges and web sites for a firearms trainer near you. Go out and go shooting, it’s a great sport and fun for everyone.

In the Phoenix metro area check out the following links:


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