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Finally…Glock Announces the Single Stack 9

Well for all of us that have been waiting Glock has finally announced the single stack 9MM. What was thought to have been just a pipe dream has now been realized as the Glock model 43. The pistol looks much like its smaller brother the 42 chambered in .380 ACP. The 43 will be slightly larger than the 42 but not much wider making it a great for concealment.

I know there are a few of you that got dismayed after Glock didn’t unveil the 43 at the 2015 Shot Show and went and bought something else. I’m in that club having recently purchased the M&P 9 Shield from Smith and Wesson. While the Shield is a great concealment handgun in its own right the 43 will be a sight bit smaller in overall size. The biggest difference¬†here¬†is that the Shield has a 3.1″ barrel while the 43 boasts a 3.39″ barrel in the smaller package. The Shield also comes with magazines in 7 and 8 rounds and the 43 will come with a standard 6 round. I am confident that some of the quality aftermarket manufacturers will remedy that with either a higher capacity mag or a base-plate extension. Seeing some of the initial test trials for the 43 they appear to live up to the quality and shoot-ability that one would expect from Glock.

The 43 should hit the market by the end of April and has a current MSPR of $580, so I would expect to see them priced below that.