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Gift Cards, Making Christmas Easier

giftcardI know Christmas got here a whole lot sooner than we expected. Now you have to be creative and thoughtful in your gift buying. So what do you get for those special people in your life? Socks and underwear always make an easy buy, but is that what we want to be known as, that lame present buyer? Buying the wrong gift, maybe the wrong size is bound to happen especially if you don’t necessarily like to shop. I recently received a gift of some nice Winchester PDX ammunition that was the wrong caliber for any guns I own. I graciously accepted it, but couldn’t wait to return it.

This year get them something that they can enjoy more than just opening a present. Try purchasing a gift card. This allows your special someone to select their own gift, after-all I have never hated a gift I picked out for myself. At AZFirearms we have gift cards available and they can be bought in any dollar amount. Not only does this make it easier on you, but if you’ve been good maybe you will get your own AZFirearms gift card! Merry Christmas.


FMJv.JHPAt AZFirearms we get a lot of customers wanting to buy ammunition. We have some customers who know the exact grain and type of bullet they want, often based on what they plan to use the ammunition on. Then we have the folks that just want to go out and shoot and are maybe not aware of the many types of ammo that are available in specific calibers. Now I’m not here to tell anyone what caliber they should be shooting, rather I’m here to help them select the rounds that will be most appropriate for their desired use.

Usually we start with, “Are you wanting target ammo or self defense ammo?” Then we go onto showing the differences of the bullet. So based on their response we can direct them to the right stuff. When looking for ammo I recommend that for target shooting the full metal jacket or FMJ. It feeds well and will do what you need it to do. For defensive rounds I prefer a hollow point bullet.

Now the question becomes, why hollow point? Well it’s actually a simple response and that modern ammunition technology has led to the development of ammunition that performs well in those situations when someone may find him or her self in a deadly force scenario. When I refer to “performs well” we need to first look at the FMJ. Yes, this ammunition can be used for self defense and it is absolutely deadly. It is and has been used by our military and other NATO countries for decades. But when considering how the FMJ performs in a soft target it has a tendency to over penetrate and not expand due to it’s shape and construction. This is not a good thing when that round has the potential to exit your intended target and hit something or someone else.

Consider now the hollow point bullet. Not that this is an easy explanation simply due to the vast amount of options out there, but if I may I would like to recommend some of my favorite ammo. These are what I would consider the high performance level of ammunition. They are the Hornady’s Critical Duty, COR-BON, Federal Hydro-shock, Remington Golden Sabre, and RBCD. These specific defensive have met or exceeded the testing done annually by the FBI for ballistic performance. This ammo typically costs more and comes in smaller quantity boxes, usually 20 to 25 rounds per box. I believe that carrying ammo that isn’t going to over penetrate and will perform optimally then it’s well worth the cost.

If you have questions regarding ammunition, especially hollow point or defense there is a great deal of information out there. I do recommend that you look at objective sites such as the FBI’s. I would start by talking to your local firearms professionals and maybe even testing a few out. Feel free to come by our Avondale (AZ) store or call us at AZFirearms.com


giftcardHey all let’s not forget to get that important guy, Dad, on Father’s Day. After all those years of funny ties, ill fitting clothes and gifts we made he deserves something special. Why not give him the gift that he will absolutely love, a gift card from Azfirearms.com. After all a gift card doesn’t mean it’s not personal, rather we all know that the best gifts are the ones that we pick out ourselves. So let Dad pick out his favorite firearms, ammunition, ball cap, t-shirt and other firearm accessories. Best of all he can do it at his convenience. Come by our store in Avondale (AZ) and pick one up today, or go online at azfirearms.com.

Gift cards are a great way to say thanks for all Dad has done. Have a safe and happy Father’s Day and way to go all you Dads.

Last Minute Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

If any of you are like me you haven’t done your Christmas shopping. Often times this procrastination is due to the fact we don’t always know what to buy. The hard part for me is deciding who should get what thing. Well let me relieve your holiday stress with some ideas that are perfect for gifts or stocking stuffers. Here are some of my favorite things to give and of course to get.

1. Ammunition, you can never have too much.

2. Range gear, specifically eye and ear protection, these things don’t last forever.

3. T-shirts and hats. These are always a hit.

4. Gun cases. You know you’ve seen that guy or gal with a long gun sticking out of a too small case.

5. Magazines. The availability and price are good to outfit all your shooting buddies.

6. Optics. This can be a tricky one. Ask lots of questions about what they want in an optic. For example, red dot versus magnified optic.

7. Gun cleaning kit and supplies.

8. My personal favorite, GIFT CARD!

At Azfirearms we have all of these items and you can shop online at azfirearms.com or visit our store in Avondale, AZ. We want to wish yorange gearu a safe and happy holiday season.

A Safe Investment

Gun-Safe-17882010769The main purpose for this blog is to hopefully impart a lesson learned if you are thinking about purchasing a gun safe. The inspiration came to me when a friend was helping me install a new gun safe. I was asked why I needed a second safe. I was a bit evasive in my response, as I didn’t want to admit I had not carefully thought out my initial purchase years earlier, and I needed more space.

I bought my first safe based on the number of long guns I owned and the fact that I wanted to protect my firearms from theft, unauthorized handling and fire. Seemed like a logical approach and I assumed I had all the bases covered. Well it didn’t take long to realize that I had other possessions to secure, such as important documents, jewelry and ammunition. The safe was full and was quite  obvious that I failed to take into consideration that some of my long guns had scopes, optics, slings and lights and this subtracted from the overall interior size. For example, a 22 gun safe can reasonably accomodate 12 rifles and their attached equipment. This left little room for any other valuables.

Other items to research are the size of the safe and the space that it will live in. Safes look nice in the store display, but you need to fit them into your house. The fire rating of the safe is important as well. Where fire services are within a quick response time (4 to 6 minutes) versus living in a rural environment where a response from the fire department could be more than 20 to 30 minutes. Locking mechanism, traditional tumbler to the electronic system. While the electronic approach is faster to access the mechancal locks do not have batteries to fail.

One last thing to contemplate is how many guns you plan to have. Safe manufacturers make a variety of sizes from the single firearm mini safe to the giant sized multi-gun models. Owning a safe for your guns can provide a sense of security and can greatly reduce your liability in preventing unauthorized access.

To learn more on selecting a safe please visit:




Prepper Preparedness and Surviving Survivalism

Whether it’s the Zombie Apocalypse, Mayan Calendar Predictions, or Financial Collapse you will want to be prepared with a properly appointed armory. GunsAndAmmo.comhas compiled this list of 8 Must-Haves for the Survivalist and Doomsday Prepper. And AZFirearms.com just happens to have many similar items in stock!

Whether you are a serious Survivalist or a casual Prepper, be sure to check out the National Geographic Documentary Site also. You can learn your Prepper Score (how long you’d survive at your current preparedness level), Repurposing Bunkers (how to make a sturdy safehouse), create a tasty Gourmet Doomsday Menu, and even how to Purify Drinking Water (no mention of the Waterworld method). Because you never know…”