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Got Glock Parts?

GlockpartsviewGreetings all you Glock fans. Now that the winter thaw, for many of you, is underway its time to get out and take your favorite Glock out to the range. If its been a while since you have done a full inspection, or you just want to make certain that you handgun will perform at its optimum level it may be time to replace worn or damaged parts. At AZfirearms.com we stock and sell the full line of factory Glock parts to include standard and night sights for all models, yes even the 43. I know that there are at lot of aftermarket parts made for the Glock, and I’m not saying they don’t work, but )and this is a big BUT) Glock firearms are engineered to perform best with standard factory parts and that is why we recommend using them.  If you are in Arizona and you want to stop by we can have our certified Glock armoers install them for you.

Keep shooting!

Time for Your Glock Pistol Overhaul?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor those of Glock enthusiasts we at AZFirearms have a relatively new service that can keep your Glock running all day, every day. We in the Glock culture know that these pistols can take a beating and perform without a hitch. However, even the most robust of firearm systems needs periodic checks and maintenance beyond a field strip and cleaning.

Our Glock Armorer Service is conducted by our own Glock certified armorer. We made the process easy as well. Just call us at (623)925-2345 to schedule an appointment, or just come by our store in Avondale (AZ) and drop it off during normal business hours M-F 10 am to 6 PM and Saturday noon to 5pm. The service cost won’t break the bank either. For $45 you’ll get a complete dis-assembly, cleaning  and inspection of all parts and replaced as necessary (if parts need replacing there will be a charge for them and all worn/damaged parts will be returned), Reassembly and function testing. An inspection report is also provided for you when you pick up your handgun. Did I mention that if you purchased your Glock from us the charge is only $25!

So keep that Glock running strong for years to come. When in doubt have it checked out.