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The Single Action Revolver

P1850[1]A lot of Americans are on the hunt for those semi-auto pistols and rifles that can handle high capacity magazines. We have seen a marked increase in cost,  as if double or triple the price isn’t noticed. When you do find the products you can expect to pay a whole lot for them too. With the panic buying the way it is and no way to tell when it will end have you ever considered the old reliable single action revolver? They are still made and are some of the more collectible firearms today.These guns are proven as hunting, self defense and target shooting firearms. The best part…they don’t need a magazine!

The Colt Single Action Army (SAA) is still made today and comes in a wide range of calibers from .357 magnum to .45 Long Colt. This gun dates back to 1873 and has been carried by infamous outlaws, lawmen and soldiers, most notibly by General George S. Patton. At AZFirearms.com we have in stock several with the blued barrell and the handsome case hardened frame. We have other SAA clones like Ruger and Uberti on hand as well.

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