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Record Numbers for Women Buying Guns

women shootingHey all you gun guys have you heard that women are quickly approaching men in gun ownership. Yes, you read that correctly. Since 2009, Gallup Inc. reports on “Gun Owners in America”, that female gun ownership is up 13% and they now account for 35% of gun ownership in the U.S. Of this percentage 49% of females classify themselves a conservative and also, Republican in their politics.

According to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF), two of the trusted organizations that track such data confirm that female gun buyers and ownership is rising. So what is the reason for this sharp increase? The main reason cited is in the area of home defense then for self protection followed up by target shooting and hunting respectively. But wait there’s more. The sport of competitive shooting is another arena where women have shown an increased presence, especially in the challenging 3 Gun sport which tests one’s metal in shooting pistol, shotgun and carbine. Many current competions offer a womens class, or open forum so they can go head to head with the guys.

Firearm manufacturers are also taking notice. Of course, this isn’t really new, back in the early 90’s Smith and Wesson came out with their “Lady Smith” line, but the marked increase in purchasing certainly garners the appropriate industry attention. Just look at the colorful furniture options for mounting on an AR, pink and purple accented guns, accessories are more than just black, desert tan, or olive drab, check out the colorful selection of range bags, ear and eye protection and gun cases. Have you seen the custom and after market color selections and patterns for guns? There are literally thousands of combinations and configurations to truly make your gun your own.

So ladies, great work on getting a stronger presence into the shooting sports and gun ownership. If you haven’t taken that step, but are wanting to do so, seek out some quality advice from your local firearms retailer, check credible websites (I recommend NRA and NSSF), or look for some professional training in your area. Be safe and always shoot responsibly.