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Thinking About a CCW?

It’s a cool desert morning, the wind blowing sand against my face as the sun just begins to crest over the mountains, my sweater just barely doing an adequate job.  Hey, I’m an Arizona boy, this is pretty much the bulk of my winter wear.  At least I traded my flip flops for shoes today.  Our group has met southwest of Phoenix with Hollow-Point Defense’s John Hansen for an Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit class.  This class is small, just 3 students, but that helps ease tension.  Hansen helps us fill out our paperwork and take fingerprints before we get started.  As soon as the sun shows itself, it’s time to begin. Continue reading


giftcardHey all let’s not forget to get that important guy, Dad, on Father’s Day. After all those years of funny ties, ill fitting clothes and gifts we made he deserves something special. Why not give him the gift that he will absolutely love, a gift card from Azfirearms.com. After all a gift card doesn’t mean it’s not personal, rather we all know that the best gifts are the ones that we pick out ourselves. So let Dad pick out his favorite firearms, ammunition, ball cap, t-shirt and other firearm accessories. Best of all he can do it at his convenience. Come by our store in Avondale (AZ) and pick one up today, or go online at azfirearms.com.

Gift cards are a great way to say thanks for all Dad has done. Have a safe and happy Father’s Day and way to go all you Dads.

Prepper Preparedness and Surviving Survivalism

Whether it’s the Zombie Apocalypse, Mayan Calendar Predictions, or Financial Collapse you will want to be prepared with a properly appointed armory. GunsAndAmmo.comhas compiled this list of 8 Must-Haves for the Survivalist and Doomsday Prepper. And AZFirearms.com just happens to have many similar items in stock!

Whether you are a serious Survivalist or a casual Prepper, be sure to check out the National Geographic Documentary Site also. You can learn your Prepper Score (how long you’d survive at your current preparedness level), Repurposing Bunkers (how to make a sturdy safehouse), create a tasty Gourmet Doomsday Menu, and even how to Purify Drinking Water (no mention of the Waterworld method). Because you never know…”