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Don’t Forget About Dad!

fathers day2015Well it’s June and the kids are out of school for the Summer, vacations and fun. But wait! it’s also time to remember dad on his special day. Now that you’ve been reminded the hard part will be what to get for the big guy. Now we have all gotten dad that crazy gift like a bright tie or comfy pair of slippers, but what would really make Father’s Day stand out for him? If your dad is a shooter, hunter or plinker then let me make some suggestions (hopefully my kids will be reading this blog).

Make AZFirearms.com your one stop shop for dad this year. We have everything he’s always wanted or that may be on his wish list. Some of my favorites include, but certainly not limited to are; firearms, then we have ammunition to feed those guns. Does he need something to shoot at? We have a well supplied stock of targets and range safety gear (don’t want dad to lose his hearing), finally ball caps or t-shirts to keep dad stylish.

If you are not sure what exactly dad would like then get him the ever popular gift card. To make it easier this Friday, June 19th only we are offering a 10% discount for all AZFirearms gift cards. So this year show dad your appreciation for all he’s does.

Gift Cards, Making Christmas Easier

giftcardI know Christmas got here a whole lot sooner than we expected. Now you have to be creative and thoughtful in your gift buying. So what do you get for those special people in your life? Socks and underwear always make an easy buy, but is that what we want to be known as, that lame present buyer? Buying the wrong gift, maybe the wrong size is bound to happen especially if you don’t necessarily like to shop. I recently received a gift of some nice Winchester PDX ammunition that was the wrong caliber for any guns I own. I graciously accepted it, but couldn’t wait to return it.

This year get them something that they can enjoy more than just opening a present. Try purchasing a gift card. This allows your special someone to select their own gift, after-all I have never hated a gift I picked out for myself. At AZFirearms we have gift cards available and they can be bought in any dollar amount. Not only does this make it easier on you, but if you’ve been good maybe you will get your own AZFirearms gift card! Merry Christmas.


giftcardHey all let’s not forget to get that important guy, Dad, on Father’s Day. After all those years of funny ties, ill fitting clothes and gifts we made he deserves something special. Why not give him the gift that he will absolutely love, a gift card from Azfirearms.com. After all a gift card doesn’t mean it’s not personal, rather we all know that the best gifts are the ones that we pick out ourselves. So let Dad pick out his favorite firearms, ammunition, ball cap, t-shirt and other firearm accessories. Best of all he can do it at his convenience. Come by our store in Avondale (AZ) and pick one up today, or go online at azfirearms.com.

Gift cards are a great way to say thanks for all Dad has done. Have a safe and happy Father’s Day and way to go all you Dads.

Last Minute Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

If any of you are like me you haven’t done your Christmas shopping. Often times this procrastination is due to the fact we don’t always know what to buy. The hard part for me is deciding who should get what thing. Well let me relieve your holiday stress with some ideas that are perfect for gifts or stocking stuffers. Here are some of my favorite things to give and of course to get.

1. Ammunition, you can never have too much.

2. Range gear, specifically eye and ear protection, these things don’t last forever.

3. T-shirts and hats. These are always a hit.

4. Gun cases. You know you’ve seen that guy or gal with a long gun sticking out of a too small case.

5. Magazines. The availability and price are good to outfit all your shooting buddies.

6. Optics. This can be a tricky one. Ask lots of questions about what they want in an optic. For example, red dot versus magnified optic.

7. Gun cleaning kit and supplies.

8. My personal favorite, GIFT CARD!

At Azfirearms we have all of these items and you can shop online at azfirearms.com or visit our store in Avondale, AZ. We want to wish yorange gearu a safe and happy holiday season.