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So You have Decided to Carry a Firearm, Now What?

concealed carrySo you have made the decision to carry a firearm. Now what do you do? This is not going to be a pro/con over concealed carry versus open carry, rather some information to consider. So if you live in a state that allows the carrying of a firearm it is going to be imperative that you understand fully the law on when and where it is lawful to do so. For example, in my home state of Arizona, that affords very generous carry freedoms, it also takes a very dim look if you do it unlawfully and will not hesitate to prosecute you. Second, train with your gun. Start with the type of holster or carry option. I prefer a strong side outside the waistband holster that keeps the handgun close to my body so that concealment with a shirt is easily done. I can also wear this with shorts or dress slacks.

Now back to the training with your firearm. This issue goes well beyond just shooting at stationary targets at the range. Consider “real world” issues. Suppose you are out and the unthinkable occurs in front of you. Your ability to react quickly and within the boundaries of the law are paramount. The scenarios are plentiful, but remember your actions will be judged by those with the luxury of time and safety rather than in the rapidly unfolding situation in which you were faced.

What I have done is compile for you a short list of training considerations. They are:

1. Know the laws that pertain to the carry of a firearm and the lawful use/deployment of it.

2. Be familiar with your firearm. Don’t carry a gun you have not trained with. Know how to manipulate safeties, clear malfunctions and reload especially under stress.

3. Practice drawing from your carry platform (holster, purse, backpack, etc.) This includes using your weak hand (in case your strong hand is injured or occupied).

4. Train shooting at close distances, typically shootings occur less than 20-25 feet.

5. Practice tasks like bending, lifting, getting behind cover/concealment with your firearm.

6. Carry ONLY quality performance ammo in your carry gun.

Remember train like your life and freedom depends on it.

Another Reason to be Happy Living in Arizona

thCAPIIQLSIt’s not just the warm weather that makes Arizona a great place to live, especialy if you are a hunter, sport shooter, or someone interested in a gun for personal protection. Recently, Guns and Ammo magazine conducted a state by state ranking system based on multiple criteria ranging from the gun culture of the state to its statutes and rights provided to lawful gun owners. I for one am pleased to say that my home state of Arizona topped this list. Consider the states at the bottom of this list that. The main reason I am pleased with this ranking is that whenever a tragedy involving a firearm occurs our political leaders look to making more laws as if these laws would eliminate the problem. Anti-gunners demonstrate no forethought in the laws they propose and I for one am glad that Arizona does not make a knee-jerk reaction when it comes to legislation that infringes on on the rights of lawful gun owners. I encourage each of you to contact your elected officials and let them hear your voice for the preservation of your Second Amendment Rights. Even better, come out to Arizona and when you do come by and visit us at Azfirearms.com.

To read the article or to learn where your state ranks visit, Guns and Ammo at http://www.gunsandammo.com/2013/03/14/ga-ranks-the-best-states-for-gun-owners-2013

Thank you Arizona and congratulations!

Do you know the Laws on the Use of Deadly Force?

gun-lawsSo you are now a gun owner and have a desire to protect yourself. Part of being a gun owner is learning to be proficient with your firearm. As equally important is to understand the laws regarding the use of your gun when needed. I want to focus on that instance when, as a responsible gun owner you may be faced with having to use lethal force. While this may not be a pleasant topic, it is vital to know when your action is legal. Having a working knowledge of the laws on the threat to use, and the use itself, can make the difference between a justified shooting and a charge of aggravated assault or murder. Knowing when you can shoot can also assist you in not hesitating in a situation when seconds matter.

This message is not intended to scare you, rather I am hopeful to point you in the direction of either taking a class or do some reading on the laws in your home state. You don’t need to be a trained law enforcement officer or attorney to have a working knowledge of this subject. We have heard a lot lately from a case in Florida regarding the “stand your ground laws”, or the Castle Doctrine. Here in Arizona we have a stand your ground law, but what does it mean and what does it afford someone under the law? Fortunately, there are many resources available to you. If you reside in a state that has concealed weapons permits these courses can be very valuable in providing you with this instruction. If training is not what you are looking for then I recommend some informative and reasonably priced books from the author, Alan Korwin, who is “the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in America, nationally
recognized as an expert resource in this narrowly focused niche”. Below are some local Arizona resources that can provide this training.