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A Safe Investment

Gun-Safe-17882010769The main purpose for this blog is to hopefully impart a lesson learned if you are thinking about purchasing a gun safe. The inspiration came to me when a friend was helping me install a new gun safe. I was asked why I needed a second safe. I was a bit evasive in my response, as I didn’t want to admit I had not carefully thought out my initial purchase years earlier, and I needed more space.

I bought my first safe based on the number of long guns I owned and the fact that I wanted to protect my firearms from theft, unauthorized handling and fire. Seemed like a logical approach and I assumed I had all the bases covered. Well it didn’t take long to realize that I had other possessions to secure, such as important documents, jewelry and ammunition. The safe was full and was quite  obvious that I failed to take into consideration that some of my long guns had scopes, optics, slings and lights and this subtracted from the overall interior size. For example, a 22 gun safe can reasonably accomodate 12 rifles and their attached equipment. This left little room for any other valuables.

Other items to research are the size of the safe and the space that it will live in. Safes look nice in the store display, but you need to fit them into your house. The fire rating of the safe is important as well. Where fire services are within a quick response time (4 to 6 minutes) versus living in a rural environment where a response from the fire department could be more than 20 to 30 minutes. Locking mechanism, traditional tumbler to the electronic system. While the electronic approach is faster to access the mechancal locks do not have batteries to fail.

One last thing to contemplate is how many guns you plan to have. Safe manufacturers make a variety of sizes from the single firearm mini safe to the giant sized multi-gun models. Owning a safe for your guns can provide a sense of security and can greatly reduce your liability in preventing unauthorized access.

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