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Another Reason to be Happy Living in Arizona

thCAPIIQLSIt’s not just the warm weather that makes Arizona a great place to live, especialy if you are a hunter, sport shooter, or someone interested in a gun for personal protection. Recently, Guns and Ammo magazine conducted a state by state ranking system based on multiple criteria ranging from the gun culture of the state to its statutes and rights provided to lawful gun owners. I for one am pleased to say that my home state of Arizona topped this list. Consider the states at the bottom of this list that. The main reason I am pleased with this ranking is that whenever a tragedy involving a firearm occurs our political leaders look to making more laws as if these laws would eliminate the problem. Anti-gunners demonstrate no forethought in the laws they propose and I for one am glad that Arizona does not make a knee-jerk reaction when it comes to legislation that infringes on on the rights of lawful gun owners. I encourage each of you to contact your elected officials and let them hear your voice for the preservation of your Second Amendment Rights. Even better, come out to Arizona and when you do come by and visit us at Azfirearms.com.

To read the article or to learn where your state ranks visit, Guns and Ammo at http://www.gunsandammo.com/2013/03/14/ga-ranks-the-best-states-for-gun-owners-2013

Thank you Arizona and congratulations!