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.22ammoIt used to be that shooting the .22lr cartridge was a cheap and available alternative to practically all other ammunition. Today it is as if the ammo doesn’t even exist as most retail and online outlets are out of stock. If you can find it expect to pay 4 to 5 times what you did last summer. So where is the .22lr ammunition? Well in hearing from customers and online sources, one theory is that some in the prepper movement are recommending to buy this caliber as it serves as an inexpensive (used to be anyways) caliber that can be used for defense, hunting small game and even bartering. Not a bad idea. Another possible contributing factor to the availability of .22lr is that they are not reloadable like most center fore casings. Others are convinced that Homeland Security is the culprit with their 1.6 billion round order. You might say that .22lr should not be affected by them. Well the simple truth is that all ammunition regardless of caliber is made up of pretty much the same components. The ammo manufacturers like the ATK Group, Hornady and Sierra are all coming forward to dispel any misinformation and assure us consumers that they are all working round the clock to try and keep up with the public demands that have shown record numbers in the past seven months.

I still believe the shortages due to the significant purchasing are the result of proposed gun legislation and the fact that Joe Biden was tasked to chair a committee to bring forward changes in our firearms laws. It is difficult to have confidence in a person who purports himself an expert when it is obvious by his comments that he is not. This certainly scared me.

In closing, we may still see bare shelves or box limits but don’t be alarmed ammo availability is starting to show up again and I am certain we may see the pricing back to a normal rate in the next few months.

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