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The Awesome Broomhandle Mauser

BroomhandleWell here’s a question many of us will have difficulty in answering correctly, “until the introduction of the .357 Magnum which cartridge boasted the highest muzzle energy of any other handgun?” Here’s a clue, this cartridge and the weapon it was designed for was favored by Winston Churchill. Still no guess? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either. However, if you guessed the Broomhandle Mauser you earned your gold star.

The Broomhandle Mauser is arguably one of the most recognizeable pistols in the world, Its familiar box magazine and round “broomhandle” even landed this iconic pistol in the original Star Wars with its embellisihed barrel shroud and can be seen in the hands of Hans Solo. To truly appreciate these fine pistols you really have to see one up close and personal. Handling one of these pistols shows the fine craftsmanship and balance. The surprising comfort of the “broomhandle” like grips is immediately evident. The grip is also the only place you will find a screw on this firearm.

These guns are still readily available and can be found at gun shows, local gun shops and online. Condition often dictates the price and can range from a beer budget to several thousand dollars especially those that are still accompanied by their wooden holster that does double duty as a rifle stock. Most of these handguns are chambered in the powerful .30 Mauser or 7.63×25 cartridge and then there are the desirable 9mm which have the red “9” on the wood stocks.

At AZFirearms we have three versions of this distinctive pistol, the C96, the 1930 and the “Bolo” so named for the Bolsheviks that favored this shorter barrel length and they are all chambered in .30 Mauser. These handguns have all been professionally and beautifully refinished to a better than original condition. They can be viewed at our store in Avondale, Arizona or online at azfirearms.com.