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Armed Security At School

police officer at schoolOn December 14th of 2012, we were once again reminded of how vulnerable our children are when a disturbed and motivated person is bent on killing. In a response to the shooting, the NRA recommended that armed employees or other types of security be present at all of our Nation’s schools. Such a plan was supported by our State’s Attorney General too.  Many schools already have a police officer on campus, some of these programs and a few locally have experienced a decline in the number of police officers that are serving in this capacity. Still other schools have no such program. All budgets have been impacted by a slowed economy, and the cost for security should be shared with schools and law enforcement to ensure longterm success. The prioritization of these positions cannot be subject to cuts. They are protecting a precious resource. There are other options and alternatives, but this is a program that has and does work. Contact your local and state government and school districts to express your support for police officers in schools.

The attached article is an insightful and honest perspective from a parent and educator, Karen Kordon.