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The Ruger American Pistol

ruger-americanJust when you thought there were more than enough good quality polymer frame semi auto pistols out there Ruger unveils its new American Pistol. Now this is not just an upgrade to their SR series pistols, this is Ruger’s entry into the Military’s new pistol selection.

So you’re probably thinking (like I was) how is Ruger going to compete with the service pistols Like Beretta, Glock and Sig Sauer which all have long military and law enforcement duty records. Well in looking at the data on the American it appears as if the focus was on the clean and crisp trigger pull that breaks right at 6 lbs. The pull is then followed up by a short take-up that has a positive reset. In holding the pistol I find it to be very comfortable with a low barrel axis allowing for a high secure grip. This trigger does have a noticeably felt reset.

The features on the American are all top notch. The inclusion of Novak low profile sights, the pistols slide lock and magazine release ambidextrous for the lefty or when having to shoot with the off hand. The three differently sized back-strap attachments that are wrap around style it can give just about any sized hand a comfortable grip. The .45 model only has two sizes. By the way, Ruger has made it abundantly clear that the pistol disassembles without having to pull the trigger.

The American currently comes in 9MM for 17+1 round capacity and the .45ACP has 10+1 rounds. Overall this is a very well thought out pistol. The American is available now and I see that the MSRP is $579.00, well at AZFirearms.com we have it for $480.00. Come by and see this new pistol.. We have them in 9MM and .45ACP.