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sidewinder-kit-3Another awesome discovery from the 2014 Shot Show was the Adaptive Tactical booth displaying upgrades for the Mossberg 500/590 and Maverick 88 Shotguns. The product is called the Sidewinder/Venom like the photo shows includes an M4 style stock and pistol grip, a forend and 10 round drum magazine. These are not cheap plastic either. They are made of high quality material and 100% US made. What immediately struck me on this product was the fact that it feeds from either a 10 round drum or a 5 round box magazine. What this means is that for those of you that have a shotgun for your home defense firearm is that the shotgun can be stored empty and very quickly loaded when needed, rather than keeping actual rounds in the mag tube.

The Sidewinder/Venom comes in tactical black, or your choice of several camo colors. These upgrades are currently in stock at AZFirearms, at our store in Avondale (AZ) or online at AZFirearms.com. See the full selection at www.adaptivetactical.com. The kit can easily be installed without the need for a gunsmith. The functionality and advantage this gives to that old Mossberg will make it feel brand new and modern along with an increase in firepower.

I know all of you Remington 870 owners are asking, what about our upgrades, well the simple answer is that to do the conversion the magazine tube needs to be replaced. Since the 870 tube  is pressed in this particular package will only work on the Mossberg platform as they unscrews.

Dove Hunters Get Ready!

ShotgunHey, all you bird hunters, dove season starts on September 1st here in Arizona. So get your shotguns out and stock up on your favorite ammo. For those of you that may not have clean or serviced your long gun since last year (yes, I know you are out there) you can bring it in for a cleaning and thorough inspection so you don’t miss a shot. We install shotgun sights too.

Here at AZFirearms we have everything you need to make your hunts more enjoyable and successful. We have cases of Estate 12 gauge game load ammunition and cleaning kits along with various new and used shotguns in .410, 28, 16, 20, 12 and even a 10 gauge for those of you that like the long range shots.

Come by our store in Avondale, Arizona or shop us online at azfirearms.com.