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The Ultimate Survival Rifle; AR-7

100% American made by Henry Repeating Rifles, the AR-7 Survival Rifle

100% American made by Henry Repeating Rifles, the AR-7 Survival Rifle

With AR-15’s and .223/5.56 ammunition in short supply, consider an alternative that is a tried and true survival firearm. The AR-7 Survival rifle. This unique rifle was originally developed for military pilots and crew to use in survival situations. This small and versatile rifle can be the perfect survival gun since it all packs into the hollow comparmentalized stock and can easily fit into a vehicle, backpack, or survival kit. It is capable of taking small game and it can provide a level of protection. It is chambered in the .22LR caliber so carrying it along with extra ammo won’t weigh you down.

This design was introduced by the Armalite Company to the civilian market in 1957, and these amazing rifles are still American made today. Charter Arms bought the design and produced their version from 1973 to 1990. The Henry Repeating Arms took over, making some practical improvements to the design. Most notibly, the waterproof stock which allows the AR-7 to float making it even more desireable to survival situations, especially in areas prone to flooding, or in costal locations. These survival rifles are still available, affordable and practical for today’s preppers and make a welcome addition to a bug out bag.

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Prepper Preparedness and Surviving Survivalism

Whether it’s the Zombie Apocalypse, Mayan Calendar Predictions, or Financial Collapse you will want to be prepared with a properly appointed armory. GunsAndAmmo.comhas compiled this list of 8 Must-Haves for the Survivalist and Doomsday Prepper. And AZFirearms.com just happens to have many similar items in stock!

Whether you are a serious Survivalist or a casual Prepper, be sure to check out the National Geographic Documentary Site also. You can learn your Prepper Score (how long you’d survive at your current preparedness level), Repurposing Bunkers (how to make a sturdy safehouse), create a tasty Gourmet Doomsday Menu, and even how to Purify Drinking Water (no mention of the Waterworld method). Because you never know…”