The Improved Ruger LC9s

We all know that Ruger makes some fine and innovative firearms, but have you seen the new striker fired LC9s? The LC9 is a great lightweight compact concealed carry sized 9mm that has a trigger that many liken to shooting a double action revolver. One draw back to this handgun is that for larger handed shooters (like yours truly) this requires an adjustment of the firing grip for subsequent shots. Well Ruger listened and recently came out with a striker fired system they named the LC9s. This newly improved trigger is shorter, lighter and breaks crisper than than the LC9. This translates to faster shooting and better accuracy. This is the type of improvement that puts this pistol at the top of the list for personal protectionRugerLC9sCheck out this pistol in our Avondale (AZ) store or online at Don’t find it in our inventory? Just click the red box to “special order” it on our homepage. Well done Ruger!

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