Thinking About a CCW?

It’s a cool desert morning, the wind blowing sand against my face as the sun just begins to crest over the mountains, my sweater just barely doing an adequate job.  Hey, I’m an Arizona boy, this is pretty much the bulk of my winter wear.  At least I traded my flip flops for shoes today.  Our group has met southwest of Phoenix with Hollow-Point Defense’s John Hansen for an Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit class.  This class is small, just 3 students, but that helps ease tension.  Hansen helps us fill out our paperwork and take fingerprints before we get started.  As soon as the sun shows itself, it’s time to begin.



Hollow-Point Defense believes gun owners should accept the realities of their decision to carry a gun in defense of theirs or another’s life.  There is a risk in owning dangerous tools; a lathe could take off your hand, a bb-gun could shoot your eye out, and a firearm could end your life, so it’s only right that we begin our class with a brief introductory safety lesson.  Hansen gives us four points on which to focus: 1 Marksmanship, 2 Weapons Manipulation, 3 Tactics, and 4 Proper Mindset.   We talk through different situations, the laws that apply to us, and the realities of using lethal force.  John Hansen is still a working Law Enforcement Officer, and he has many stories and scenarios that he shares throughout our time together to help us make the decisions that will affect the outcome of a dangerous situation, and quite possibly the rest of our lives.

Fingerprints and caffeine

John Hansen wants each of his students to have a certain level of firearms proficiency, it’s his name on our certificate after all; it’s our responsibility to use and maintain and operate our tools responsibly and safely and with a high degree of ability.  The shooting portion of the class is no joke, in fact I’d venture to say that it covers the basics of a tactical pistol course.  Our class went through 100 rounds of ammunition per person, slow and fast courses of fire, using different positions, grips, stances, and hands; all designed to increase our ability to hit our target under varying levels of adversity.  To say that John can shoot is an understatement; he was able to get three students to shoot well in under an hour with fewer than 100 rounds, certainly a good testament to his abilities.

Demonstrating the proper grip

While Arizona allows citizens to carry firearms open and concealed without the need of a permit, there is still benefit to attending a class.  John Hansen provides every student with a booklet outlining current laws, reciprocity in other states, and is an excellent resource for the responsibilities and rights of gun owners that wish to carry, as well as an informative guide giving realistic information on what you can and cannot do and what will happen to you in the event of a shooting.  The practical shooting course does more than just display proficiency, but elevates ability and presents students with a realistic scenario and challenge.

More hits than the Beatles

Driving home, I had a chance to reflect on my experience, my hands buzzing and my mind tingling with excitement.  The information learned in this course will last a lifetime.  Hollow-Point Defense provides a class thorough enough to prepare you for anything, but isn’t so expensive or lengthy that it’s out of reach to most people.  Every person carrying a firearm should give themselves the benefits this class offers.

John Hansen with a Student


The classes mentioned in this article are but one of a few offerings from Hollow Point Defense.  You may contact John Hansen at the following:


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