Welcome to the AZF Blog!

AZFirearms.com has become as much a meeting place and social network as it is a great place to buy and sell stuff!  It just makes sense to offer a place to share thoughts and ideas; news and events; and whatever else is on your mind.

With firearms it is often a challenge to keep our discussions from leaning into a political debate, but it is our endeavor to keep this Blog a fun and friendly place.  We hope to celebrate our freedoms without being negative toward those who don’t share our passions.  Feel free to call us on this, if we fail to live up to those standards!

So, welcome to the AZF Blog – all are welcome!  Sit a spell and chat with us!

One thought on “Welcome to the AZF Blog!

  1. Dan Johnson

    With all this gun control and background stupidity on high debate, I,m concerned. I’m getting to be an old man, never had a firearms card, and so I was force to stop hunting years ago. Even back then I fiqured it was a bad idea to register. I live in way out country and need home protection. I,m just a law abidding citizen, but I don’t have any proof of ownership. I stopped taking anti depresent drugs, as I didn’t want the Doc or pharmacist to quiz me about gun ownership. I think the government is doing their best to turn me in to a felon! any comments or advice?


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